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FRB Sunday - October 22, 2017

Sunday October 22 is 2018 FRB Kick-off Sunday at PUCC; it will be followed by the biennial Harvest Celebration at Gil Collver’s field in Climax.

We are fortunate to have Bev Abma as our guest speaker Sunday morning. She was the first FRB Director of Overseas Programs and has traveled extensively worldwide for FRB.

Since our first Kickoff Sunday in 2002, our congregation has contributed over $262,000 toward the yearly growing projects. The money given annually is critical to help pay expenses our farm partners incur growing the crops whose proceeds when sold are given to FRB. Our dedicated farmers who give their time, talent, and resources have raised and sold enough grain in 14 years to fund more than $1.5 million for FRB overseas programs. This year we are helping fund seven FRB Oversea Programs.