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The communion table is open to all who seek God’s grace, forgiveness and love through Jesus Christ. We come not because of who we are, but because God has invited us to be His guests. At this communion table, love knows no limit, and the boundaries we place upon ourselves are dissolved by the grace of God who calls us by name.

Communion is taken the first Sunday of the month. It is taken either in the pew, taking bread individually as a symbol of our personal relationship with Christ, and the cup together, symbolizing our unity as one people in Christ’s service, or by intinction, coming forward in response to an invitation to the table.  For intinction, those individuals who are unable to come forward will be served in their seat by a Deacon.  Note:  a gluten-free option is always available.

Youth Service

Praise & Prayer time brings all of the youth together; high school (grades 9-12), confirmation (8th grade), and middle school (grades 6 and 7) on Sunday evenings before they break out into their individual programs. It is a common time for general announcements and zeroing in on God through scripture, activities and music. The youth praise band G3 (God Given Gifts) rocks it to energize our spirits!



Infants and toddlers are cared for in our nursery facility by a team of trained workers during worship services. This allows parents to attend the worship service comfortable in the knowledge that their young children are cared for in a consistent and loving environment.

Sunday School

Preschool-5th grade: During the program year, September through mid-June, children attend the opening portion of the worship service, leaving the sanctuary after the children’s message. They receive age-appropriate Christian study. We do not have Sunday school during the summer.

Middle School (Grades 6 and 7):  Sunday school begins in September and runs through May in the youth room.  We study the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, discuss what it means to be a Christian, and learn the basics of navigating the Bible. 

Worship Service

Our Sunday Morning worship service is spiritually uplifting and offer a wide range of opportunities to share one’s God-given talents with each other. We warmly welcome each other with the right hand of fellowship and provide time to share individual joys and concerns that become the focus of prayer not only on Sunday but throughout the week.